November 2, 2015


The Kalium TruSub


Coming Soon to a bowel movement near you


We at Kalium have been in fervent pursuit of all the sound possible out of electric stringed instruments. It started with basses that allow exploration of extreme low frequencies and sonic integrity that has yet to be rivaled by any other manufacturer. We followed that with the release of strings that expand the breadth and tonality of bass and guitar that no one else has yet to match. For all these successes, all of the sound being made has not been heard.

Until now.

The Kalium TruSub delivers. Finally, all of the depth your sound possesses is given back to you. ALL of it. As an unassisted cabinet, this single 15” sealed sub gives you low B. With our proprietary – and still in development – amp processor, be prepared to hear F# or the B below that.

You’re working hard on your sound. You’re recording it and they’re listening to it. You really ought to hear it first. ALL of it. For the very first time – welcome to all of your sound.

600 watts @ 4 ohms
-3dB @ 29 Hz
Single speakON audio connection

MSRP $1199.00 (passive version) powered versions coming soon!